Security Doors

Security Doors

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Dieffe is a leading manufacturer of Italian security doors with euro cylinder, completely produced in our workshop in Italy. Our main aim is to protect your home against unwanted intrusion at the same time and efficient access to authorised persons. All models are suitable for both internal and external applications and resist both physical and ballistic attack. High-security locking and so high protection. If you are looking for a security door, do not hesitate to contact us for prices and quotes.


Combining long experience with high-quality materials, our technicians are able to manufacture security doors with euro cylinder, helping the customer at every stage of the project, from design and cost planning through determining a flexible installation schedule. All products are delivered and installed by skilled installers and first class workmanship is assured. Euro cylinders are fitted mainly to PVC doors but some aluminium and wooden doors use this type of lock. Break secure and euro cylinders and specifically designed to combat lock snapping.


The most important features of our security doors are: - ANTI-SNAP - ANTI-BUMP - ANTI-DRILL - ANTI-PICL - ANTI-PLU PULL - VISUAL DETERRENT - OFFERS In order to ensure great efficiency, Dieffe S.r.l. designs custom-made windows and doors made of different materials. All security doors have a low cost and ensure high level of protection for your home. Design and style that reflect the Italian elegance. For quotes and prices, and for further information, CONTACT US


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