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Welcome to Dieffe the leading window and door manufacturer in Italy.

A window blind, or "window shade" is a type of window covering. Our company provides many different kinds of window blinds, using different systems and materials. Using slats of fabric, wood, plastic or metal, we are able to create functional and high-quality blinds. Furthermore, some window blinds use a single piece of material instead of slats.

Blinds protect the window and your house from weathering agents, using one block of materials, such as wood, aluminium or PVC. The company produces, sells and installs window and door blinds in Italy and abroad.

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Window blinds made in italy
Manufacturing pvc frames in italy
Pvc window blinds made in italy
Manufacturing wood windows for houses


Our company provides different types of blinds, such as:

Shutter with horizontal slats

- Blind shutter

- Palmet shutter

- Framed palmet shutter

- Shutter framed with solid/panel

- Pantographed shutter

All blinds have locks attached on the wall in order to protect the shutter.

A high-quality balance that distinguishes the company in Italy.
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Textured and patterned


Dieffe is a
window and door frames supplier that provides a wide range of high quality custom products, using wood or other materials, such as PVC or aluminium.

Wood is made up of different natural and mineral elements: 2
% minerals and nitrogen, 6 % hydrogen, 42 % oxygen, 50 % carbon.

Many blinds are made of different wood essences, such as pine, larch or fir. All the essences are classified according to knots, grains and wood colour. We realize custom-made window blinds, according to customer needs.


PVC blinds have beautifully textured and patterned vinyl vanes. They are inexpensive, practical and provide superior light control.

Do not hesitate to ask for an explanation of the different types of blinds. All blinds are made in Italy. Please,
contact us.

Light control

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